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   Porto-Vecchio : gorgeous Corsica


At the foot of  Bavella, Porto-Vecchio overlooks the bay. Popular tourist destination on the island, she won all the votes, thanks to its beautiful beaches of Gulf and lively streets of the citadel.

  The ancient city of Porto-Vecchio combines the attractions of an old port and the beauty of the hinterland. Between sea and mountain, it will delight both fans of hiking as lovers of beaches. 

   A citadel in a deserted area formerly

In ancient times the old port (French translation of "Porto-Vecchio) was founded by the Greeks. Hidden from the sea by the folds of the coast, the Genoese in 1539 to raise a fortress to protect the east coast of the island invasions. The use of cork oak by the Romans and then the salt provide the richness of the city. But the city remains relatively sparsely populated due to the silting of the port, resulting in the formation of marshes and the occurrence of malaria. Only after the Second World War, through the eradication of mosquitoes responsible for malaria epidemics, Porto-Vecchio that benefits from tourism development .

   Stroll the lively old town

In this maze of narrow streets, staircases and vaulted passages, the pedestrian is king. In summer, the walled city is closed to cars and is on foot or by train to visit her. The austere exterior of the old bastion houses a multitude of small squares and pavement cafes where the crowd agrees. The old city is full of small craft shops open late into the night, making it lively. On this rocky outcrop, the chic restaurants to panoramic views over the bay and shady bowers bloom. The door Genoese and Piazza di Pò offer a good view of the marina, the bay and salt marshes. The Town Hall Square is bordered by two bastions and palace of the governor. At the discretion of the streets, you never tire of admiring the many fountains in the city and fortifications of the fourteenth century.

 The coastline and idyllic beaches

The salt marshes stretch over ten acres around Porto-Vecchio, which earned the city its nickname "Salt City". Harvesting takes place every September and walkers can attend as a show. The red rock and pine scent add to the magic of the bay. In the vicinity, the coast offers treasures for summer visitors such as the beach of Santa Giulia and Palombaggia. The white sand forms a striking contrast with the turquoise water.



   The Ospedale : forest, lake and hiking.

Perched 900 meters above sea level, the village of the Ospedale welcomed travelers and shepherds from the fifteenth century as a hermitage. Today, visitors can still enjoy the corsican hospitality. It is also the starting point of several hiking through bush, forest and rivers, with all the bay landscape. After the artificial lake, a path reserved for experienced hikers leads to the waterfall of "Piscia di Gallu". Initially the hamlets of Agnaroru and Cartalavonu, other paths available are conducive to walking.


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